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Oak Buffet

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Oak Buffet

Supplying bespoke oak products to the hospitality industry. Based in Tamworth, Oak & Ford are a family business that has descendants from three generations of leather and wood craftsmen and furniture makers. Every product is made in their UK workshop by skilled craftsmen, using only the finest quality, premium grade materials, which are always from 100% sustainable sources.

There is a wide range of oak products to choose from, all of which can be adapted to suit your specific requirements. The collection offers many variants, allowing for different presentations and set ups, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or breakout areas.

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  • 1/2 GN Shroud

    1/2 GN Shroud
    32.3cm (12 3/4") 

  • 1/1 GN Shroud

    1/1 GN Shroud
    52.9cm (20 3/4") 

  • 1/2 GN Shroud/Lid

    1/2 GN Shroud/Lid
    32.3cm (12 3/4") 

  • Oak & Steel Riser

    Oak & Steel Riser
    42cm (16 1/2")